Club Officers Look Forward to New Year With New Participants

Students explore the vast variety of clubs THS has to offer; photo courtesy of Aleksandra Misiewicz

Eric Sorge ‘19
EE Co-Managing Editor

The commons were bustling on Thursday, September 20th, as hundreds of students represented, signed up for, and learned about the world of clubs Trumbull High has to offer at the annual club fair, and many upperclassmen look forward to introducing the freshman class to the many activities available at the school.

Every year, club officers and advisors, equipped with posters, sign up sheets, and snacks,
gather in the commons to attract potential club members. The goal is to give students an opportunity to see the many options they have to get involved in after school activities. Codes to a Google Classroom are often provided by representatives of clubs at the fair, granting students easy access to updates and information for numerous clubs they are interested in participating in or learning more about.

“To be a productive member of the school, go a little outside your comfort zone when it comes to activities in and after school,” advised Link Crew Leader and Treasurer of the Ethics Club, senior Chris Gayda.

From award-winning competitive clubs like Model Congress to social clubs like Best Buddies and GLOW Club, students can explore their passions and discover new ones; whether deeply invested in a their club or completely new to the subject, students are encouraged to participate and contribute at club meetings.

“This year brought a new set of minds to the table… it’ll be exciting to see what they come up with,” continued Gayda in expectations of a successful year of “ethical decisions”.

Although younger members may sometimes feel intimidated by upperclassman participants, leaders express that new participants are always welcome as they bring new ideas and perspectives to the clubs. Additionally, club officers seek new students to share their interest with and to expand and promote their clubs for years to come.

“I love having the freshmen join THeSpians! It’s always a joy to watch the next generation grow, learn, and experience everything I did. I love theatre, it’s done a lot for me, but I love watching new comers having as much fun as I did,” explained THeSpians officer, senior Harrison Gilberti.

Trumbull High offers over 40 student clubs and organizations, but if a student cannot find one that suits their taste, with dedication and the support of an advisor, they can create their own club. At the fair this year, with a towering poster board and cupcakes, a popular attraction, gaining over 50 prospective members, was the Hack Club which has joined forces this year with the Web Team. Founded by senior, Nihal Wadhwa, and co-founders Danyal Sheikh, Cyrus Asgari, and Adrien Joseph, the club seeks to provide students with an easy and fun way to learn about coding, something Wadhwa felt the school lacked.

“It took multiple meetings with faculty and a lot of time and effort to become a club, but it’s really rewarding to see the outcome at the club sign-up. It’s truly an enjoyable experience,” said Wadhwa.

Club leaders express that it sometimes takes determination, but students can pursue what they desire in the creation of and participation in clubs, and encourages even new students to do so.

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