Celebrating Sponsoring Seniors

Kyle Beck ’19
EE Senior Opinions Editor

If you walked into Trumbull High School on Thursday, October 25th, you may have noticed something strange. Yes, the apprehension from the upcoming FCIAC competitions for the Boys Soccer Team and Girls Volleyball Team mixed with a nerve-racking Night with the Experts Competition for the We the People Team did rest on the minds of many of our seniors, but this school day was a nice break from the regular routine of everyday life. Why, you ask? This particular Thursday was Sponsor-A-Senior Day.

The tradition of Sponsor-A-Senior has continued through decades of Trumbull High School students, as a day in the spirit week prior to Halloween when seniors can dress as almost anything they choose. Meanwhile, underclassmen are walked to and from each of their classes by these characters, and the crazier the costume, the better. This year’s lineup included students dressing as aliens, FBI agents, flood cleanup crew members, crossing guards, Disney movie characters, celebrities including the Spice Girls, and so much more.

Senior Chris Lepore commented on how much this day meant to him and his classmates. “Sponsor-A-Senior was a really great day. It seemed like everyone enjoyed dressing up. It would have been unfair if they tried to cancel this special day since we haven’t contributed to any of the problems in the past,” he remarked.

While administrators justifiably worry that certain costumes may, in the precedent set by Tinker v. Des Moines, “materially and substantially interfere…with the operation of the school,” this year, Principal Guarino had nothing but appreciative words to share with the senior class concerning Sponsor-a-Senior Day. In the THS Class of 2019 Google Classroom, he shared, “Class is 2019…You kept this tradition alive and have set the bar for those who will follow you.  Great job!!…now get some homework done.”

Arguably the most exciting day of spirit week, Sponsor-A-Senior Day is a unique experience at Trumbull High, year after year bringing joy to all those that participate in and witness the festive event.

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