Boring Walls Get Some Fresh Faces

Ali Karpowich ‘19
EE Contributor

Photos of past THS Musical productions now hang near the auditorium.

Over the past few years, pictures showcasing athletes had been put up near the gymnasium and throughout the front of the school, but to the surprise of many students, photos from past musicals were hung up in the lobby near the auditorium on Friday, September 21st.

Gabriella Alarcon, a junior and participant in the Spring musical said, “I think it’s a great start on making all the students feel more accepted.”    

“The school wanted to create a much more homey feel for the students and blowing up these amazing action shots of our students really brought a new life to the school” said Mr. Pijar, the Dean of Students. Pijar has been an avid photographer for years and thinks the pictures are “a great spirit and moral boost.”

Mr. Pijar wants all kids in Trumbull High to feel welcomed and thinks that images of students engaged in classroom activities or labs would also spice things up a bit. “The walls are too boring,” he admitted.

Senior class president Nigel Hayes is “so happy” to have the new pictures in the school. “It gives a good glimpse into Trumbull High’s activities. People do what they love here and we have fun in high school.”   

The three pictures represent Fiddler on the Roof (2011), RENT:School Edition (2014), and How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (2016); all award winning productions.

“Although very different, these musicals have impacted the program in such a positive way and being able to display them up on the walls has been amazing” said Alarcon. “We get to see not only athletes, but other talented people at Trumbull High.”

Hayes agrees, continuing, “Hopefully we can start to get pictures of the band, art classes maybe even things like Mock Trial, to really give the Trumbull High students an even better experience.”   

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