A New Era for the Black Hole

Lucas Liebowitz ’19

Trumbull’s “Black Hole”

Student support at our football games has clearly experienced a revival both in its numbers and its energy. At home football games this year, the student fan section, also known as the Black Hole, is a crowded frenzy of excited students immersed in a student-produced cloud of baby powder.

Participation at the student section, at football games especially, has improved from last year. More students are attending the school’s sporting events, wanting to be a part of the new Black Hole.

Greg Kaufmann, a senior and a regular spectator of the football games during his years at the school, believes that this year’s Black Hole is “so much more engaging and fun this year. Last year’s Black Hole didn’t have nearly as many students in it, and the students that lead it this year do a much better job at keeping people engaged.”

Jett Hughes, a senior and one of this year’s leaders of the Black Hole, is “extremely excited for future of the Black Hole.” Jett has plans to implement new ways to keep people in the student section more engaged, including new coordinated chants and fun clothing themes. “We have multiple megaphones that we will be using to communicate with the entire Black Hole, which will help us keep everyone organized,” Hughes said. He thinks that the megaphones will allow more people in the stands to hear what and when to chant and what the Black Hole leaders want from the fans.

The players on the football team are also excited about the revival of the Black Hole. “It is so much more fun to play knowing that you have so many kids in the stands rooting you on,” remarked Wade Dayton, a senior starter on the football team. “The Black Hole really motivates our players and gets them excited to play.”

Overall, the Black Hole is giving all students an opportunity to be involved in the athletic community in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and is making the football games a more entertaining event for both players and spectators.

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