Trumbull Flood Incites Drama with the Drama Club

Neya Kidambi ’22
EE Staff Reporter

Nathan Ayotte and Thomas Leonard rehearse a scene from the THeSpian’s production of The Good Doctor.

On Tuesday, September 25, Trumbull received a staggering 7 inches of rainfall, not only leading to school closings and delays, but damage to Trumbull High School. Entire carpeting needed replacement in the music rooms, while major repairs were needed in the gym flooring and the Robert E. McCarthy auditorium stage.

One group that was particularly affected by this damage was  the THeSpians Club. The club, consisting of aspiring actors and actresses, alongside a dedicated crew, relies on the stage for many aspects of their rehearsals.

The damage of the stage “put a lot of us in stress of the unknown,” Nathan Ayotte, a freshman and actor taking part in THeSpians said. “We didn’t know a lot of things, for we were mostly left in the dark.”

Consequently, Ayotte and his fellow THeSpians were uncertain of when the stage would be reopened. “Overall, a lot of time was spent wondering if we were going to have a show,” says Ayotte. This fear of wondering if the show would go on put an intense amount of pressure on the students taking part in the fall play, worrying that their hard work may not even be showcased.

The effort that students put into this club and the final results are very admirable. Thankfully, with the completion of the stage’s repair, students were able to showcase their rigorous efforts in the production of The Good Doctor. “The turn-around was good,” said freshman Alekhya Vykynta, a member of the club.

The students were able to strategically solve their problems and put on the show. “The crew was able to alter props from previous shows to fit the one this year,” Vykunta said. “We also minimized the amount of furniture and objects we were using this year.”

The THeSpians were able to exhibit their resiliency in their free shows on November 9th and 10th.

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