The College and Career Center: The Place You Never Knew You Needed

Ali Karpowich ’19
EE Contributor

Ms. Shirley Tyszka and Ms. Samantha Eisenberg outside the College and Career Center

Applying to college can be a very stressful time for seniors. Between the Common Application, the FAFSA, the letters of recommendation, it can all be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, there are two women right here at Trumbull High to help: Ms. Shirley Tyszka and Ms. Samantha Eisenberg.

The College and Career Center is located right next to the Media Center. Ms. Tyszka has been working as the College and Career Coordinator at Trumbull High for 15 years and says the best part about her job is seeing all the kids and helping them through one of the most stressful times in their life.

Throughout the year, the College and Career Center brings in college representatives from all around the country to talk to students. The representatives who visit are generally the college admissions counselors for our area. This means the college representative, who you are talking to, will most likely be reading your application. “It’s a great opportunity to make another impression on the person accepting you into that college,” said Ms. Tyszka.

When you walk into the College and Career Center, if you turn to the right you will see Mrs. Tyszka’s desk, but if you look to the left, you will see a job and scholarship board. This board can help you find jobs, internships, volunteer hours, and scholarships. “These scholarships can help anyone with college. There’s no harm in a little extra money,” said Ms. Tyszka.

In addition to college preparation presentations which are given in 9th and 10th grade, every senior and junior is required to come to the College and Career Center during their Physical Education class. Ms. Eisenberg also visits the Senior Seminar classes and gives a workshop on the Common Application. Students are encouraged to return to the college and career center to ask for additional help.    

Ms. Eisenberg has been working in the College and Career Center for 3 years and she is “one of the most helpful resources for college” said Regina Misericola. She will sit down with you and map out every aspect of your life after you walk the turf at graduation. “She is like a school counselor, but for college,” said Nigel Hayes. Ms. Eisenberg, throughout the day, has meetings with students to review anything and everything college related. To schedule an appointment, simply walk into the College and Career Center and next to the UConn sign, you can find a clipboard of her weekly schedule.      

Hayes, a senior who frequently visits the college and career center said, “Going to see Mrs. Tyszka second period every day (to work on college stuff) is something I look forward to.” Hayes frequently goes to the College and Career Center to work on college applications. 

“You have all the resources you could need” said Alexa Andrews, “you get more of the behind the scenes look at getting into college, you hear the truth behind it.”  

Ms. Tyszka and Ms. Eisenberg are always here to help, even if it is only a one time question, you can go to see them just if you need to talk for a minute. To get more information, please visit the College and Career Center’s website,   

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