Mock Trial, Real Win

Mishka Kapoor ‘21
EE Features Editor

Two Mock Trial teams from Trumbull High will be competing against various schools across the state in hopes of becoming state champions. Under the leadership of Mr. August, these teams have worked since the beginning of the school year in preparation of the competition held on December 14th, 2018, in Waterbury.

Sophomore Sophie Malin is a big fan of the program and believes that it offers something unique to every participant. “The benefits of mock trial are definitely something that not many students have the opportunity to get: practicing fact based public speaking, backing up your claims, and debating those claims in front of professionals,” she says. “That’s not really something many can experience.”

This year’s case is Andy Archer vs. Detail Security. Andy Archer is a talented college athlete on his way to becoming an Olympian. He comes from a family that obtained the original Connecticut Constitution and held onto it for 134 years. The Archer family received a lot of hate due to keeping the Constitution for so long, especially from a Detail Security employee, Blair Sherman. During an event at the State House in Hartford, Blair Sherman fired a taser at Andy as he rushed inside the building to deliver a letter to the governor. This letter was a message asking to set the record straight about Andy’s family and the Constitution. Before this letter could be delivered, Andy was shot with a taser and severely injured his leg. Now, he can never be as fast of a runner as before, and no longer has the ability to go to the Olympics.

For this case, Malin portrayed a witness for the defense, who goes by the name of Madison Hancock. Madison Hancock was familiar with Andy’s situation, and had some negative interactions with him. Leading up to the competition, Malin had to be prepared to get interrogated by attorneys who were looking for flaws in her testimonies: “I was really excited about the case this year. My team and I spent months preparing for the competition, and we were very confident that we would do well.”
In this case, Andy Archer, the plaintiff, is suing Detail Security, the defense, for damages to his leg. The defense has to prove that the shooting of the taser was justified, while the plaintiff has to prove that the usage of the taser was not necessary, and the Security Company was negligent in hiring one of their employees.

The Mock Trial team here at the school has one four state championships, and are definitely one of the strongest teams in the program. “My favorite thing about mock trial is probably the competitive atmosphere that comes with being the best in the state,” Sophie says.

This year, both teams have a reputation to live up to on their way to becoming state champions. The question remains: can they do it?

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