Trumbull Wins the Fan Showdown Once Again

Francesca Tesei ’12
EE Contributor

Trumbull’s Black Hole

For the third time in the past four years, Trumbull dominates and wins the Ruden Report fan showdown. Every year, all 17 of the fan sections in the FCIAC get a chance to compete against each other in what’s called a fan showdown run by the Ruden Report.

The fan showdown includes two components, a voting poll and a video showing the fan section in action. The voting poll is open for a few days and each section has to promote and spread the word to vote for their student section over the others. The video is composed of different videos of the sports teams and the fan section to prove their school spirit visually. These two parts have different sets of points that can be earned to add to a total point and then a ranking. A few judges chosen by Dave Ruden judge the videos but stay anonymous. The school who wins, has the most amount of points, receives $500 that goes towards their athletic department and of course they also receive bragging rights.

Many people participated in helping the black hole to win the fan showdown this year. This includes Athletic Director Mr. King, the Black Hole leaders who organized and promoted the black hole, and of course the dedicated fans to make up the Black Hole.

The Black Hole leaders use their Twitter account, @THSBlackHole, to spread awareness of locations and times of Trumbull High sporting events to encourage students to support the schools sports teams and participate in the black hole. Senior Olivia Giovannini, one of the senior Black Hole leaders, explains that, ”Our Twitter account has really gained a lot of followers over the years, and is now a great form of communication to the school.”

They even tweet what the “theme is for the black hole every game” so students can wear similar attire such as wearing all black or all white, and that the student section is in sync. This proved the dedication of the student section and was shown through the video sent into the fan showdown.

Olivia Giovannini also credits the athletic department for aiding in student awareness of games, ”They do a great job of announcing all of the big games coming up to the school so everyone is informed.”

“It was great swiping through Instagram stories and seeing a bunch of Trumbull High students promoting the competition,” Giovannini said. A large amount of students also publicized the fan showdown on different forms of social media.

The Black Hole leaders; Olivia Giovannini, Andrew Tinnesz, Grace Shay, Ava Dunn, Nick Galotti, and Daniel Arganese hope to pass the leader positions to people who will continue to show the spirit that they did this year.

“We’re going to choose the leaders for the upcoming year very carefully so the Black Hole will continue to live up to the hype” Nick Galotti said.

Trumbull High School fan section has proven year after year their dominance in the Ruden Report fan showdown. Their hard work and dedication to show spirit for all the sports throughout the year clearly prevails in this annual competition. Trumbull High has received $500 towards their athletic department along with major bragging rights for winning three out of the past four years.

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