Senior Switch Strikes Again

Aleksandra Misiewicz ’12
EE Staff Photographer

A handful of Trumbull high seniors drop and add classes to their second semester schedules even after they have applied to colleges.

Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Kristen Thompson, thinks students change their schedule because their interests change from junior year when they pick the course to senior year when they actually need to take it.

Hailey Angelucci said straight off the bat that “I didn’t do it so it looks good for college.” Angelucci switched out of video production into bake shop and from film to peace, protest, and tolerance. When asked why, she said “[I] switched because I needed less stress… I did it to make senior year more enjoyable. I changed my mind because I am simply at a different mindset then I was when I chose those classes.”

Unlike Angelucci, Jackie Eid switched partially because of college and partially to ease her senior year. As she balances her job, school, and having time for herself, she decided to drop her eighth period entrepreneurship class so she has enough time to go home and eat before work.

Along with dropping her last period, Eid dropped her Algebra III class because many colleges don’t acknowledge it as a course for credit. Instead of taking the algebra III course she now takes communications.

Reggie Robinson decided to switch into a higher level class. He switched from CP Economics to ACP.

“I thought the CP workload in Econ was very little and I wanted something more challenging to show on my college apps,” Robinson said. He also dropped his sociology class for cultural anthropology because he had the same teacher twice a day so he wanted to mix it up. All of these changes to his schedule now allow him to leave school at 1:00pm and this gives him more time to do things he wants to do.

Ms. Katie Boland said a handful of students from her eighth period AP US Government & Politics dropped the class. Ms. Boland’s opinion on this was that the students were just interested in having early release and some more free time as students in their fourth year. Her biggest advice was “Don’t limit your opportunities.” She likes to encourage students to take her class, because even though it is AP she claims that “it won’t be the death of you.”

For juniors picking courses for senior year now, Mrs. Thompson recommends that they look at some schools they are interested in and see what courses they require. She recommends students read course descriptions and pick classes that they are willing to stick with because a lot of seniors want to switch classes but there is simply no room, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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