Winter Percussion and World Guard Prepare for WGI Finals

Katie DeRose ‘22
EE Staff Writer

As spring finally blossoms into Trumbull, the winter percussion and color guard both prepare to culminate their seasons with strong performances at the World Guard International (WGI) Finals in Dayton, Ohio, this month. From the moment the marching band walked off the field at the USBands National Championships in November to now, both ensembles have rigorously worked to ensure their success this season, focusing on preserving the 2018 WGI titles.

The winter percussion ensemble, holding the WGI record for longest consistent finalist in their class, looks to bring a strong run of their show “Power” to Dayton. Throughout the show, dancers Faye Cohen and Chris Smaniotto battle each other for control over the ensemble as the front ensemble and battery engage the audience with thrilling music, bringing suspense to every second of their eight minute performance.

As Senior percussionist Hunter Kadish says, “The road to Dayton is not an easy one. In order to defend our title, we have to work for it. This means coming to practice all of the time and even practicing outside of rehearsal. We win when everyone pushes forward.” Having a high stature already waiting for them in Dayton, the ensemble only works harder to preserve the legacy that THS percussionists before them have already established.

The color guard, looking to secure another WGI silver medal as they did previous year, prepares to score high with their show “Liberty.” Using the Statue of Liberty as a symbol for the strong women they are, the guard guides the audience in an interpretation of how everyone individually contributes differently and just as importantly in society to come together as one.
“The most valuable part of winter is the close bonds everybody forms with each other. Especially in this season, we all became family,” says Junior Sarah Klepack. “We all are working hard and putting in all of our effort. We hope to have a high score, but more importantly, we hope to leave the floor after Dayton finals knowing it was the best we could do.”

Staying true to their already strong reputation in Dayton, both ensembles examine their shows to seek near perfection during this final stretch. And while the winter percussion and guard remain at hard work although it is, in their case ironically, spring, one thing is for sure: the percussion certainly has enough power to perform to their best, and the color guard unquestionably comes together to have great liberty in taking the floor at Dayton with their amazing talent. Therefore, no matter what each outcome may be, both ensembles’ results will be seen as a success at Trumbull High.

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