Lost and Found Makeover

Amaya Mikolič-Berrios ‘21
EE News Editor

Jenna Schlatter stands near the new lost & found cart located which she manages. It is located in the Senior Lounge.

This year a major change has been made to the lost and found system and Trumbull High School. No longer is this black hole of student possessions shuttered away in an obscure closet. Now, the lost and found items are in a prominent location: the senior lounge. Students are finally able to find their lost items thanks to Jenna Schlatter, the student behind the wonderful transformation.

Jenna, a senior, loves working at the lost and found and decided to move it at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year for easier access.At the end of the semester, she personally cleans and donates the unclaimed items to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America non-profit organization, which aims to provide children facing adversity with adult mentors.

According to Mr. Fisco and Jenna, “This year we actually built the lost and found cart, a metal cart, it’s got a sign on there. We did the commercial in the homerooms for people to see and learn about it. And then we worked together to contact the place where we were going to donate the clothes.”

While working at the lost and found during fourth period, Jenna organizes the contents of the cart by category and color in order to help students quickly find their possessions during their lunch waves, which is when the cart is open. The lost and found, which used to be situated in the custodial hallway, has been remodelled to help both students at THS and children involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Jenna says she likes working at the lost and found, and it is her favorite job. She loves helping other people, which inspired her to begin this project. Her contributions are greatly appreciated by both students and members of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

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