The Tracking Men

Joshua Dubreuil ‘20
EE Staff Writer

Junior Andy Spillane pole vaults over height during indoor track.

Wintertime is coming to an end and more sports are starting up again here at Trumbull High School. Track is a very popular sport at THS and since nobody gets cut from the team, there is no pressure of being the best on the field. It is a great experience for all of the participants.

The team captains for this years boys track team are Chris Lepore, Nigel Hayes, Hank Schober and Zach Iannucci. The coaches are Coach Banks, Coach Sages, Coach Tait, and Coach Gaines.

Junior Adrien Joseph, who has run track for his entire high school career, described his first year of track as, “A great way to meet new friends and try out a new sport.” He also added that,“It really impacted my freshman year in a great way and it was something I will definitely not regret.”

At Trumbull High, the track team is split up into three sections: sprinting and throwing, mid-distance, and long-distance. The sprinters run short distances at a very fast pace, including the 100 meter dash, and the 300 meter hurdle. The throwers have events including shot put and javelin. The mid-distance runners run events usually from 400 meters to 800 meters. The long-distance group run the farthest, sometimes even up to two miles on the track. Also, in all of the running sections, there are many different relays along the way.

When asked about how he feels about this upcoming track season, Junior Dan McKeon responded, “I’m really looking forward to this upcoming season, as we have a good group of guys competing for us, and a rejuvenated coaching team to help guide us to success.”

The team is not only full of great athletes, but also all around nice students. It is very easy to make friends because with practice five days a week, the athletes get to know each other and can create long-lasting friendships.

According to Captain Lepore, “After losing a couple of our top scorers from last year, we know we’ll really have to come together as a team to find points wherever we can get them. Not being led by just one or two guys, there’s a different team dynamic, and I’m excited to see how it plays out. Every athlete is going to be a crucial part of the team and we’ll definitely be ready to compete at the postseason meets.”

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