THeSpians Make “Roxie” the Talk of the Town

Katie DeRose ‘22
EE Staff Writer

Senior Jacqueline Mate and Sophomore Caroline Marchetti singing duet at Trumbull’s production of Chicago.

After three long months of thorough preparation and an outstanding two week run, the windy city has finally blown through the Robert E. McCarthy Theatre.

From the second the curtains were cued with the excitement of the orchestra’s big band jazz to the moment the entire company came together and bade the audience goodbye, there was never a dull moment as the cast, crew, and directors of Chicago marveled the audience with their musical talents and great precision in bringing the once Broadway show to Trumbull High.

When murderess Roxie Hart looks to reach for fame in Vaudeville using her new celebrity-like status from immoral actions, she battles her inmate and later friend, Velma Kelly, for attention on the media as she works to win her pending court trial with the help of hotshot lawyer Billy Flynn. As the cast of Chicago drives the audience to feel right with their characters, the theatre is transformed into a warm room full of drama, suspense, fun, and laughter.
Under the direction of Trumbull High teachers Mrs. Jessica Spillane, Mrs. Shannon Bolan, and Mr. Matthew Bracksieck, students spent months designing sets, lighting, and costumes, learning choreography, and perfecting classic Chicago songs such as, “All That Jazz,” “Mister Cellophane,” and “Razzle Dazzle.”

Senior Jacqueline Mate, playing the role of Roxie, gave a noteworthy performance, bringing a bright personality and great tenacity to her strong female role. Mate’s act was wondrously balanced by sophomore Caroline Marchetti, who played an exceptional rendition of Velma Kelly.

Other outstanding performances were given by Thomas Leonard (Billy Flynn), Harrison Gilberti (Amos Hart), Jenna DeLucia (Mama Morton), Maria Griffin (Mary Sunshine), and Danny Randazzo (Fred Casely).

“The most special part is the end result. It’s always amazing to see what three months of work turn out to be in the end. It makes all of the hard work worth it,” says senior James Gallo, who captivated the audience with his superlative lighting design.
Agreeing with Gallo, Mate adds that the people involved in the musical are the secret that allows the end result to be so special. “Everyone becomes so close, and when it comes time for the actual show, you can literally feel all of the energy on stage. Everyone is well prepared and we all look, sound, and feel good.”

Including both Gallo and Mate, a strong graduating class of THeSpians have ended their dedication to the theatre program with this tremendous rendering of Chicago. Regarding her soon departure from the theatre program, Mate says, “It’s so bittersweet. The musicals have brought me lifelong friends and so many amazing opportunities to do what I love. That being said, I’m sad to be leaving what’s become a home away from home, but I’m happy I’ll be continuing my journey by studying musical theatre in college. I’m excited to see what happens next.”

While the musical theatre department may not be Broadway and the town of Trumbull may not be Chicago, the THeSpians have not failed to carry through on bringing America’s beloved musical to life through their hard work and dedication. The name on everyone’s lips is Roxie, and Trumbull’s community could not be more proud.

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