A Year in Success

Mishka Kapoor ‘21
EE Features Editor

The 2018-2019 school year has finally come to an end, and now Trumbull must say goodbye to its seniors. They have completed their high school careers and will start anew, initiating the next chapter of their lives some time in their future. With the Class of 2019 traveling all over the country to attend college, incoming freshman begin to prepare for their high school experience, while the sophomores and juniors will start thinking about colleges and life after graduation. Although summer has been heavily anticipated, the end of the year brings a melancholy feeling for many, especially the graduating senior class.

Trumbull High School succeeded in providing students with an exuberantly satisfying year for the graduating seniors. With events such as Sponsor-a-Senior Day, the World Language Cooking Contest, the Poetry Slam, Spirit Week, the musical Chicago, and Trumbull High’s first-ever Fashion Show, there were always numerous opportunities for students to get involved in the community and explore their varying interests.
Ms. Eisenberg, the College and Career Center Counselor, believes that these plentiful opportunities can be attributed to Trumbull High’s welcoming environment. “I do think the school is an accepting place,” she says. “I always see students looking out for each other, and trying to include one another.”

The sports teams and clubs did not disappoint either. The Mock Trial, We the People, Model Congress, and Model United Nations teams excelled in various competitions and trips throughout the year. The soccer, volleyball, track, and tennis teams proved that Trumbull is the town to beat (or not beat), and the Black Hole displayed the school’s unwavering passion and supportive nature.

After two weeks of AP testing, the remainder of the year flew by, and now students and teachers look back and reflect on a successful, productive year.

“The year was definitely successful for all grades, especially for the seniors,” Ms. Eisenberg says. “They’ve all worked hard, went through the application process, and many of them are excited about what’s coming up for them next year. I know they’ll do great.”

Ms. Eisenberg has worked very closely with the seniors, helping them apply for college, selecting the best options for their future, as well as being there for them through every step of the application process. She describes the graduating class as very giving and considerate.

“I know a lot of students have been really involved in community service throughout high school, and I’m sure they will continue that throughout college as well.”

The seniors will no doubt go on to do amazing things in the future, and their journey has left a lasting impact on the school, students, and community. Once timid freshman, they now leave Trumbull as confident, passionate, and dedicated adults.
Eagles will fly this fall to colleges throughout the nation and abroad, from Canada to Guatemala. Others plan to join the workforce, serve our nation in the armed forces, and prepare for future careers at trade school. With four years of amazing adventures, salutatorian Camryn Fetzer perfectly captures sentiments felt by every graduating senior: “I wouldn’t be where I am without my teachers.” Graduation is marked with mixed feelings of enthusiasm and melancholy as the Eagles leave their nest and venture into the unknown, nurtured by the Trumbull community they will always be grateful for .

As another productive school year has been completed, the seniors look ahead to their future, awaiting a world of opportunities.

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