Some Goodbyes…

Eric Sorge ‘19
EE Managing Editor

They say you are what you eat, and I am not here to argue with them. They seem to be right about most things, and for that I admit that I am a Belvita Breakfast Biscuit. But, when I look in the mirror, who is the Belvita I see? I find that this is the question good writing drives us all to ponder. Do we have cream filling or rather a crisp chocolatey crunch? I myself struggle to answer this very question, and I find I often get bored of one flavor, and switch to perhaps a vanilla or multigrain breakfast biscuit for some time.

It is, so they say, good writing that holds a mirror up to society. Our reflection is found in the works of Shakespeare, the stories of Dickens, the triumphs and plights of religious figures, and, of course, the newspaper. Daily reports of our activities, our relationships, the world around us and our actions and interactions within it. Change and revelations are made when we dare to see ourselves. It is the muckrakers of the late 19th century, the headlines in the New York Times, and the papers put in the hands of citizens in every city, household, and school that are testaments to our very existence, and reflections of our essence. We are fed by the news that writers report, but just as we must be careful eaters, it is the reporter’s job to prepare our meals with care.
As a staff writer and Managing Editor of the Eagle’s Eye, working closely with Arnav, I have learned the ways of creating an informative, entertaining, and reflective paper. From questioning the core curriculum, to taking a satirical stance on the college admission scandal, I have truly enjoyed my time with the newspaper, and have enhanced my love for writing and reporting to a greater audience. To work so hard to prepare a final product that is to inform and influence so many around me is truly rewarding, and I would like to thank Mr. Pelligra, my peers, and alumni of the Eagle’s Eye for their support.

Next year, in college, to further feed my passion for writing and satire, I aim to become a part of the Brown Noser as I voice my commentary on subjects within and beyond the Brown University community. I don’t know exactly what I will be eating for breakfast each day, but I know my hunger for writing will be satisfied, and I hope I can nourish the minds of those around me, inspiring change and progression through the power of reflection.

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