Some Goodbyes…

Arnav Srivastava ‘19
EE Editor-In-Chief

Lured into Eagle’s Eye Newspaper as a mere freshman with ambitions of “trying something new,” little did I expect that I’d find myself an avid journalist. Yet one article led to another, and every article fostered a stronger love for writing.

By sophomore year, I found my home as Opinions Editor. Shaping readers’ perspectives with respectful and fair arguments, I was the messenger of truth, encouraging an exchange of ideas from Drivers’ Ed to organic food. Pizza-night in the library (we’re rebel-nerds) bonding with writers/editors as I edit articles and design layout – and I was hungry for more.

As Editor-in-Chief, my plate was full. Forming and coordinating article topics, guiding editors and staff, managing funding, editing articles, developing layouts, pushing deadlines – with my wonderful team, together, we make a more connected Trumbull High School.
A tremendous amount of effort goes into making the perfect paper, and I am so grateful for such an amazing group of staff and editors that have made newspaper such a defining experience. All the late hours planning/making the paper and the unavoidable last-minute rush as we strive to beat the deadline have only brought me closer to editors and writers. Meanwhile, Mr. Pelligra’s endless dedication empowers us to make the best newspaper possible, and his constant support constantly drives us to grow as writers and designers, always encouraging us to reach for new limits.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our synergistic efforts culminate towards a tangible result: a perfect newspaper, each with its unique taste from layout to content. Every paper is a journey, and within every page lies a story of passion, commitment, and last-minute plot-twists. All of these adventures have made the newspaper a defining part of my high school journey, and Eagle’s Eye will always have a special place in my heart. I’m eager to continue my adventure in journalism writing for the Harvard Crimson or Satire V.

While I’m undoubtedly going to miss the remarkable last four years, I know that we’re in good hands. The editors for next year are visionaries with unmatched dedication, and I have no doubt that they will complete amazing tasks next year. So I guess what I’m trying is not goodbye, but a tender “see you later, alligator.”

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