Summer 19’ Adventures

Kathryn Wilkinson ‘20
EE Science-Technology and News Editor

When most high school students think of summer vacation, they might imagine relaxation, pool parties, and most importantly, two and a half months to catch up on sleep! However, two of Trumbull High’s students spent their summer in an incredibly unique way, reaching out of their comfort zones for once in a lifetime experiences. Senior Piper Glass and junior Amaya Mikolic-Berrios called upon their interests and future career aspirations this summer. The following interviews give insight into their experiences.

Can you give a brief overview of what you did this summer?
Piper Glass– “ I attended a program at Columbia University to further delve into the study of genetics and molecular biology, which is one of my main interests, and perhaps a career option for me in the future.”
Amaya Mikolic Berrios– “This summer I went to Chicago for a volunteer internship at a non-profit socialist magazine called In These Times. I found out about this opportunity through a close family relative. I lived in Chicago and worked from 9 ‘til 5 every day doing archival work, editing, and lots of fact checking.”

What did you learn from this experience?
Piper Glass– “I got to perform university level labs as an incoming senior in high school, which I thought was an amazing experience. I learned how to perform replica plating, how to grow yeast, and insert genes into plasmids, subsequently transforming bacterial cells.”
Amaya Mikolic Berrios– “I learned a lot about how the magazine and the journalism process works, like how in a full-fledged newspaper, editors meet and have headline meetings and pitch meetings. It is a lot more fun than just a regular office job, it’s more collaborative, and I was attracted to that. I learned a lot from the people I worked with and interviewed with.”

What was the best part?
Piper Glass– “Living and experiencing New York City for three weeks was amazing. I had the autonomy and independence to do what I please and explore the city. I was immersed in the culture and a new way of life, which not all people get to experience. ”
Amaya Mikolic Berrios– “I got to write an article for them, which was an amazing experience. The best part of that was that I got to interview several people and one of them was from Australia. His accent was amazing! It was so cool to see my name on an article in a magazine that is national. I am really proud of that accomplishment.”

Would you recommend this experience to your classmates?
Piper Glass– “Yes. If you are looking to learn something new and expand your horizons before college, I would definitely recommend a pre-college program like the one I was involved in. I was introduced to college life and college academics earlier than most students.”
Amaya Mikolic Berrios– “It was an amazing experience. I was on my own in a big city. Everyday I was roaming around the city taking the bus by myself, which took a lot of responsibility. It was scary, but it was amazing to feel like an adult and feel independent. I was learning valuable life skills, like what it is like to have an office job, and I must say, it was a little bit boring at times. It was cool to get actual life experience.”

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