Spirit Week Recap

Hailee Daunis ’21
EE Staff Photographer


Day 1

Before first period, students came into school excited for what Spirit Week had to offer. Junior Leilani Brown had decided to participate in Spirit Week along with many others. Monday was Sports Jersey Day, and Leilani expressed her appreciation for the Red Sox. A majority of the student body decided to root for their favorite football team, but others sported jerseys from other sports.

Day 2
Although it was Hawaiian Shirt Day, students wore much more than just shirts. On Tuesday students wore leis, skirts, even shorts and flip flops, to school. It certainly did not feel like autumn with the atmosphere that the students were giving off. Anna Kacin, Emily Nguyen, and Shannon O’Shea (left to right) did not forget to show up with their school spirit.

Day 3
Halfway through spirit week  it was time for Color Wars Day. On Wednesday each grade was assigned their own colors. Freshman wore green, Sophomores wore blue, Juniors wore white, and Seniors wore black. Livi Gottschall wore nothing but the color white, supporting her classmates for the day. It’s hard to tell which class won the Color War.

Day 4
There were so many creative and amusing outfits on Thursday, Sponsor-a-Senior day. Gabriella Alarcon, sponsored by her younger sister Angelina Alarcon, went all out dressing up as a Hydro Flask, making a homemade outfit.  Picking up and dropping off underclassmen to class, seniors definitely had an exciting day, and the underclassmen enjoyed just as much watching their antics.


Day 5
Spirit Week culminated on Friday with a pep rally in the gymnasium. The Student Council, their advisors, school administration and staff worked very hard to put together this amazing event which allowed all of Trumbull High to celebrate their Black & Gold spirit!







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