Veteran’s Day Recap & Interview with a Veteran

Joshua Dubreuil ’20
EE Sports Editor

Neya Kidambi ’22
EE Features Editor

On Veterans Day, Trumbull High School organized an assembly where twelfth graders and some staff members were able to recognize veterans who served in the military.  The program started with an introduction from the staff and the emcee, and then all of the veterans introduced themselves, stated what year they served in, as well as what branch of the military they served in.  Later in the program, newly re-elected first select-women Mrs. Vicki Tesoro spoke about Veteran’s Day and what it meant to her.  

The Trumbull High School Chamber Singers sang two songs: “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Thank You Soldiers”, followed by the Trumbull High School Band who also played two songs. Before the band’s main event, they were introduced by Senior Nicholas Siwanowicz, who performed “Taps” on the trumpet.  Following this solo, the band played “God Bless America” and “Service Salute”.  

Interview With a Veteran

Neya: “What’s your fondest Veterans Day memory?”

Mr. Doyle: “My fondest Veterans Day memory is when my daughters made me homemade cards in school that thanked me for being a veteran.  Those little personal cards always make the day special.”

Neya: “What’s your favorite part about being a veteran, and what does it mean to you?”

Mr. Doyle: “I am part of a very exclusive group, so there’s about half of one percent of the population that actually serves, so it’s a very exclusive group.  It means a bunch of different things to me. For me as a parent, it’s important because I want my daughters to realize the value of service to others or service to one’s country, as a teacher it means something similar, on a personal level it represents a time in my life that was very challenging but it helped me focus so it allows me to reflect back on that time in a positive way.  But there’s all different levels to me being a veteran. For some people it’s a symbol of their patriotism and things like that, and that’s not the case necessarily with me.”

Neya: “Do you feel that as a veteran, you have gained something from it, which other people don’t get from their regular lives?”

Mr. Doyle: “Yes, especially if you deploy, you start looking at the world differently and you start coming to appreciate the things that you have in your life here in the United States.  Because as messed up as things can be at times, and as angry and dissatisfied as we get, and those feelings are still real, but when you compare it to how others live in the world, then you really realize how privileged we are.”

Neya: “Did you decide to go into the military because it was a personal choice, or did you feel like you had to because of your family?”

Mr. Doyle: No, my dad didn’t want me to go at all because he served in Vietnam.  I wanted to do it and I signed up at the end of my junior year, and I just wanted to do it for myself, and I was the eldest of the brothers so my two brothers followed in those footsteps and my cousins were also younger than me so they did the same.  My dad did not want me to join at all and my grandparents didn’t really talk about it all that much either.


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