Swim Team Calls for Student Support

Hannah Adams ‘23
EE Staff Writer

Swimmers Lauren Walsh, Julia Nevins, Ashleigh Piro, Mia Zajac, and coach Bill Strickland at the CT State Open Championships on November 23rd, 2019

It is very well-known that Trumbull High School has a large variety of sports that students can participate in. From football to tennis, practically every sport is available to the student body. Along with the enjoyment of the sport for the players, there is also great excitement in watching a football game, and a very entertaining spectacle to behold when attending a soccer game.

However, it seems that only these certain sports get the most coverage and support, when in fact other sports deserve the presence of loud cheering and camaraderie. This includes swim, a sport that requires great endurance and stamina and provides great tension, suitable for the entertainment of any audience. Watching the swimmers glide down the lanes at amazing speeds, wondering with an anxious excitement who will be the first to touch the edge of the pool, attracts sports fans of all ages. Yet very few people come to support the high school swim team despite all of their success in the duration of the fall season, proving that this team is one of the best the school has ever seen.

During their season, the girls’ swim team was able to place 13th out of 51 teams in the state of Connecticut, placing as one of the best in the league. Yet they do believe that they could perform better and work harder with more people from their town to support them at their swim meets.

According to freshman Abby Adams, a member of the girls’ swim team, “We definitely would work harder with a larger audience. When you hear that an entire crowd is cheering for you, it really motivates you to swim faster.” This has been proven true, as the swim meets with larger audiences tend to have better statistics for the swimmers.

Not only does the swim team get a limited number of sports fans attending their meets, but they also get very little coverage for their team on our school website and other resources for sports news. For example, one of our very own sophomores, Lauren Walsh, defeated the previous champion’s records for the 200 yard IM and the 100 yard breaststroke, putting her at the number one spot in the state for those events. Despite these major accomplishments, there was very little coverage on the matter. This lack of coverage would be fixed if more people would attend the swim meets and show their support for the program.

According to freshman Misha Patel, another member of the girls’ swim team, “When larger audiences attend our swim meets, we get more excited and more encouraged to swim better. It would really help if more people came to support us.”

In light of the fact that the boys’ swim team’s season has just started, more students are encouraged to go to a swim meet to experience the excitement from the athletes, as well as to witness the intense competition between each swimmer as they fight for first place.
Winter sports have begun, and everyone is looking forward to seeing how the season pans out.

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