December Holiday Fun

Mishka Kapoor ‘21
EE Co-Editor-in-Chief

December marks the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the countdown to Winter Break. With holiday festivities, annual traditions, and a new year right around the corner, this month is busy and exciting for many. Eagerly anticipated snow falls, bright decorations are hung up, and smiling shoppers hurry to buy gifts for friends and family.

Everyone spends the holiday season differently, making this time of year especially unique. Some choose to be surrounded by family, some celebrate with friends, while others travel to warm and sunny places for their vacation. Junior Joelle Nutter and senior Navya Ajay share their December holiday plans in the following interviews:

What are your plans for the upcoming December break?
Joelle: “Over Winter Break my family usually takes at least one day to go skiing. Actually, my brother, my dad, and I go skiing, while my mom stays in the lodge. She doesn’t like the cold!”
Navya: “I am probably going to be finishing applying to college, and then celebrating Christmas with my family.”
Do you and your family typically do the same thing every winter break?
Joelle: “Our Christmas break plans change from year to year, so I’m not sure yet what we’re going to do this year. But I’m excited for my older brother to come home from college.”
Navya: “Yeah, we do. We always celebrate with our family friends on Christmas Day.”

How does your family celebrate the new year?
Joelle: “Because most of my extended family lives in Massachusetts, we usually spend New Years with friends. Ever since I was little, my friends and I have gotten together to watch the ball drop on TV and drink sparkling cider on New Year’s Eve.”
Navya: “We go to a family friend’s house, and hang out while watching the ball drop.”
Do you enjoy the holiday season? Why or why not?
Joelle: “I love the holiday season because of all the delicious food. There are always cookies and gingerbread houses and a huge dinner on Christmas Day. My dad makes the best stuffing.”
Navya: “For me, I love the holiday season because I love doing all the Christmas activities, like decorating the tree and building gingerbread houses. Also, I love the break that we get from school.”

Clearly, December holidays are a fun time for students as they enjoy their well deserved break from school. The time off is spent differently by everyone, but regardless of what plans students may have, they are all able to relax and refresh themselves for the second half of the school year. Happy holidays, everyone!

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