Strobel Road Construction

Katie DeRose ‘22
EE Entertainment Editor

Connecting Booth Hill Road and Daniels Farm Road, two of Trumbull’s main arteries, Strobel Road is an integral part of our town. However, Strobel is also one of the most dangerous roads in Trumbull, worrying the town about the safety of students walking and driving to the many schools located near the road: Trumbull High School, Hillcrest Middle School, Daniels Farm Elementary School, and Booth Hill Elementary School. The locations of these schools near Strobel makes it inconvenient to address these safety concerns, as construction only adds to the already extensive traffic jams, causing for the issue to be largely ignored until recently.

In 2012, the town began a design for “The Strobel Road Construction Project,” which, after finally receiving state funding for the project, was put in effect in September. The construction was supposed to start in August but was delayed. This six million dollar project is a reengineering and paving project for the entire road and is predicted to take a few years to complete, causing a huge nuisance to the town’s community: parents, students, and citizens alike.

Several different detours are in effect Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, allowing citizens full access to the road without having to worry about the detour when trying to get to school or work.

First Selectman Vicki Tesoro admits that when the project first started, the detours were being implemented earlier than they were supposed to and says that this issue has now been resolved. Mrs. Tesoro highly encourages citizens of the town to report events like this to Town Hall so that these issues can be addressed.

“Sometimes we do not know what is happening around town, so it is important for the people of the community to let us know things like that,” says Mrs. Tesoro.

Mrs. Tesoro understands that, even with the free access to the road in the early morning, these detours are an inconvenience. However, she believes that the work that this project is accomplishing is what is best for the town.

“Like anything that changes day-to-day activity, it’s an inconvenience, but people will be happier that the road is safer once the project is finished,” notes Mrs.Tesoro.

Of the many changes that will be made to the road, notably, there will be a traffic light added near the Daniels Farm Road end of Strobel, and the road will overall be straighter, with less of a slope. Storm drainage issues on the road will also be addressed.

Despite the fact that the project will take a few years to complete and aims to improve the safety of the road, the design of the project does not include adding sidewalks to the road, where hundreds of students walk or drive–with little experience– to school everyday.

Many people of the town find this fact preposterous, believing that while the intent of the project is to make the road safer, this can only be fully accomplished with the addition of sidewalks. These people have formed a group called “Sidewalks for Strobel,” which has drawn the attention of nearly 500 Facebook users, many of whom have placed signs regarding the subject in their front yards.
The leaders of the Facebook group argue in their “About” section, “These kids are sharing the road with drivers young and old and are in danger in an already congested area.”

In response to this group, Mrs. Tesoro says, “I embrace their concern for sidewalks on the road, but the design was completed way before I was in office, and it was not included in the state-mandated funding for the project. We are looking to add sidewalks for Strobel to the town’s capital plan and build them in the near future.”

While many citizens of Trumbull argue that the project without sidewalks does not suffice to ensure complete safety, at the end of this inconvenience, the road will at least be a little safer. On the bright side, Mrs. Tesoro says that the project is currently making great progress and is ahead of schedule.

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