March is Link Crew Application Month

Katie DeRose ‘22
EE Senior Entertainment Editor

As the first semester ends and spring is on the horizon, many students look for new opportunities to shape their high school experiences— summer internships, jobs, new clubs and activities galore! For the Trumbull High School organization “Link Crew”, this means the beginning of the search process for new student leaders who will welcome and guide incoming freshmen into the next school year.

Responsibilities of Link Crew leaders include showing freshmen around the building and leading them into icebreakers during a summer orientation, helping freshmen find their classes during the first week of school, and leading freshmen into skills necessary for a successful high school career, such as study skills that are taught in the Link Crew’s Cocoa and Cram midterm studying program.

The advisors are Mr. Artese and Mrs. Intemann, who have been organizing and running the program for several years now. They play a significant role in the overall success of the organization and work hard every year to ensure the freshman class is welcomed.

“Besides icebreakers and activities that foster group cohesion during Orientation, Link Crew leaders connect with freshmen 2-3 times a year through a ‘leader initiated contact’ in homerooms,” says Mr. Artese and Mrs. Intemann. “Link Leaders are also specifically trained to teach full period lessons on various ‘academic transition’ and ‘success’ topics. These Academic Follow Up topics include: how to access resources, how to appreciate different perspectives, how to make ethical decisions. These academic lessons allow Link Leaders to connect with freshmen throughout the year in the context of the classroom.”

And freshmen certainly take advantage of this guidance. Freshman Christina Kingan reflected, “Link Crew has been really helpful since the first few days of school, where they were really welcoming and did not mind leading me to my classes when I was lost.”

Whereas, freshman Izzy Fabrizio noted, “The leaders that I had were very nice, and they made [orientation] fun and a good experience. Overall, the Link Crew was very helpful to me personally, and they are a good resource for freshmen to use,” showing that the student leaders make a substantial difference to the freshmen experience.

However, freshmen are not the only ones that benefit from participating in the program— upperclassmen leaders share an equally rewarding experience. Senior Link Crew leader Tyler Rudich, who joined the program because he found it helpful as a freshman, said, “[The program] gave me leadership qualities that I could not learn in any other club, and it helped me to become more comfortable with meeting new people.”

“Link Crew challenges sophomores and juniors to act on their interest in making a significant difference in the culture of Trumbull High School. Sophomores and juniors need Link Crew to bolster their self-confidence, creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills as they consider their post-secondary plans. They are provided with a unique leadership opportunity that offers extensive training in a support program and ‘hands on’ experience working with a group of new freshmen. Link Crew leaders benefit from the responsibility, accountability, and creativity that they must show as leaders in the program,” Mr. Artese and Mrs. Intemann agreed.

Senior Link Crew Leader Vishy Kandala, who also found the program beneficial to her, added, “I think that the current sophomores and juniors should apply because it really reinforces the idea of paying it forward. They should try to give back to the people and the program that already helped them out so much.”

Clearly, any current sophomores and juniors looking for additional opportunities to enrich their high school experience should consider the benefits that being a part of the Link Crew could give them. Rudich remarked, “I totally believe sophomores and juniors should apply to be on Link Crew, as it is a rewarding experience and it is always a lot of fun.”

Any students looking to inquire more information about this opportunity are encouraged to join the Google Classroom that will be opening in March. Mr. Artese and Mrs. Intemann said, “March is application month when students are given the opportunity to join a Link Crew Google Classroom through a code posted on the morning announcements, house offices, and around the school. Interested sophomores and juniors must complete the online application by the due date to be considered for interviews which will be held in April. All new candidates are interviewed and all current leaders must reapply.”

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