Food Pantry Seeks Donations

McKaylan Connolly ’23
EE Staff Writer

The pandemic has taken a lot from people: many have lost their jobs, their business, and are struggling to keep afloat. Coronavirus is hitting people and families even harder since the end of the holiday season. In the midst of the chaos of the pandemic and everything else going on around us, we can forget that there are people who are really struggling. Fortunately, there are many ways we can help within our community. 

Trumbull has many organizations that are available in a safe way  to help those in need. One of these organizations is The Trumbull Food Pantry. The Trumbull Food Pantry is available to all Trumbull residents who meet income guidelines or are facing food insecurity. In light of the current pandemic, their food donation procedure has temporarily changed.

Traditional food drives have been discontinued because of health concerns. Instead, the Trumbull Food Pantry is encouraging people to make more monetary and gift card donations, in light of this change. Gift cards are recommended to be from Stop and Shop, Big Y, Target, and/or Walmart. These contributions are accepted by mail to the Department of Human Services, addressed to 23 Priscilla Place Trumbull, CT 06611. 

The Trumbull Food Pantry will still be accepting food donations, but they will need to be pre-arranged with staff. Food pantry donations can be dropped directly at the Priscilla Place center between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday or dropped off at the Trumbull Stop and Shop on Quality Street.

The Trumbull Food Pantry has a specific list of items they still need for those making a food or supplies donation. This list includes coffee (1lb containers), tea, canned fruit, apple sauce (low sugar, no sugar, natural juices), pancake mix/syrup, jarred tomato sauce, tomato products (crushed, puree, diced, paste), shelf stable milk (whole, soy, almond), gluten free products, juice boxes, juice, beans (low sodium, kidney, black, white, red, garbanzo, pink, pinto), laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaning supplies, facial tissues, and napkins. While The Trumbull Food pantry will accept any donations, they recommend that any items that aren’t listed or aren’t monetary or in the form of a gift card be given to other local food pantries in need. 

 Giving back to your community can make a bit impact, especially during these difficult times when so many need a helping hand.

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