Students Cheer Midterm Cancellation

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Staff Writer

Although they may be covered, the smiles of high school students as they walk down the halls indicate the joy felt by the realization that midterms will not occur this year. This decision reflects the highly unusual and unprecedented school year that students were forced to adjust to. With the burden that virtual learning brings, students’ lives have become much more stressful and demanding.

As such, Trumbull High School has graciously decided to eliminate midterm exams for this school year, easing the burden on students. Many students are thankful for this decision.

“Not having midterms was such a weight off my shoulders”, said sophomore Alessia Ferraro. “It was definitely a challenge adjusting to remote learning. Participating virtually has had an impact on my learning this year so far”, she added. “That being said, I feel I would not be prepared to take midterms”.

This year, unlike any other, has been hard for all students, as Ferraro emphasized. As online learning has limited students from going through the normal high school school experience, most students feel unprepared to succeed on midterms, due to the unfamiliarity of the current situation and how it has affected them mentally.

Typically, students should be prepared to study on their own and know what to study; however, this year students can’t participate and ask questions as easily as they could in the past. Even though some may have ample study material, the process it takes to ask a question is more tedious online than in person.

Fully remote students are deprived of the same experience as they would have in school and some find it harder to retain as much information because of it. Without being able to participate with ease, some students are unable to take as much out of the class as they could have while physically in school. Midterms could make things unnecessarily stressful given that classes have already been filled with many assessments mimicking the purpose of midterms and compensating for their absence. The school also implemented reflections instead to make sure students still had the opportunity to review what they learned throughout the semester.

“It definitely was a change not having to review for midterms over these past few weeks, but in the end it has helped me to focus more on my grades and performance in school,” said sophomore Maura Carbone. “I think everyone is a little stressed during these hard times and it is nice to not have to worry about exams and get a little relaxing break”.

Usually, midterms take up four days, with each day being assigned two periods where the exams are taken. These exams are each 90 minutes long and occur in January, leaving students to start studying during December and cram during winter break. This time is now given back to the teachers to continue lessons without any interruptions. They now don’t have to postpone their lessons to help review with their students, and the burden of grading all of the exams has been lifted. 

Without midterms, students evidently have more time to focus on their classes and dedicate more time to their grades along with extracurriculars. Without the added stress of studying for the tests, students get to take some time to reflect on themselves and their school performance while getting to assess what worked for them this semester and what they need to improve on. Clearly, while this school year has been different for everyone, the removal of midterms brings a positive change to students’ lives.


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