AP Testing Nearing End

Hannah Adams ‘23
EE News/Feature Editor

This year is finally coming to a close, and with the end of this hectic school year comes an influx of AP exams for students in their different classes. 

As an AP student myself, I’ve been subject to the hardships of strenuous studying along with the additional work from other classes. This year, although bringing the cancellation of “authentic” finals, still has wrought our students with absurd amounts of stress. 

Despite the hardships of this year’s test-taking, we have finally made it through to the end of the testing windows in most of the AP classes. Although the testing is terminated, students still have many opinions to voice about this year’s AP testing.

For example, student Maggie Huang, a sophomore, who took two AP exams this year, said that “Looking back, I feel like I made AP classes way more of a deal than they actually are. It is really just like any other class. AP exams, on the other hand, are exactly what I thought they’d be: very stressful and expensive. The $100 fee did give an incentive to study, other than maintaining my grades, which can be read pretty subjectively I guess.”

On top of an incredibly difficult year of hybrid learning and mask-wearing, many students felt that the AP exams were another obstacle to tackle, despite there being so many.

 Like Maggie, students recognize the importance of AP exams, but still found them to be incredibly stress-inducing. Trumbull High School students are all dedicated to their studies, but it is also important to be dedicated to your mental health.

One student who preaches the importance of mental health, Samuel Russel, stated “I chose to not take any AP classes this year due to the amount of work, pressure, and expectations that come with the classes and exams. Some students, myself included, are also horrible test takers, so I feel that I have a higher chance of failing an AP test…The AP system is not healthy…in my opinion.” 

The overall consensus of students like Sam is that AP exams can be immensely detrimental to mental health, and that it is important to recognize when to take that into account.

Other students see the AP exams as reflective of your dedication to your classes and your studies, but despite all the different views of the AP exams, we all pulled together to make the testing as smooth as possible, despite any disruptions with the digital format.

Mrs. Hilser, who oversaw all the AP testing from this year, said that “It was definitely a unique year for AP testing! While this is the second year the College Board administered digital tests, this was the first year that they were full length exams and there were both paper and digital versions available.” 

She also stated that “Considering we administered over 1000 AP exams at THS, it went relatively smoothly. My hope is that moving forward there will be less uncertainty surrounding scheduling, we will be able to return to a more typical exam administration and have a 2 week testing window, rather than the month it was this year. Whether that will include digital exams still remains to be seen, but either way we will be prepared!”

As we approach the end of the year, I’d like to congratulate all of my fellow students who completed their AP exams and are finally taking a step back, and taking a breath. 

Needless to say, next year will hopefully be much less of a struggle, and we all will have gained a new perspective on this rigorous testing process. 

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