Clothing Drive Successful for the Holidays

By William Hatoum
EE Staff Writer

The months of November and December turned out to be surprisingly successful at Trumbull High School when it came to donations for the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport. The clothing drive at THS, held for several weeks through November and December, was run by The HIPS and Broken Shells clubs. Students brought in many bags full of clothes filling classrooms and Mr. Pijar’s office.

Tony Pijar, Dean of students, said, “I was shocked at the amount of clothes people brought in. My office floor had piles of these bags full of clothes leaving little room to walk around.”

Walking through the hallways during the weeks before winter break students also noticed classrooms that had ten or more huge bags around the classroom.

Mr. Pijar said, “First Baptist Church has drivers who come to pick up all the donations and bring them back to the church where they are distributed to different agencies throughout the town. These agencies then divide the donations among the needy. The HIPS club did an excellent job of overseeing the event, and a few of our English teachers, Mrs. Papageorge, Mrs. Lorenz, and Mrs. DeNunizo, spearheaded the clothing drive.”

Mrs. Papageorge said “It was a great time to get involved, especially with everything going on very close to the holidays. If only people could see the reactions we get from the things we have done for others. They would realize how much more important it is then they think. Although this year’s event was a success, we are going to work on more advertisements, and hopefully try to create a video announcement to spread information about the events we hold. ”

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