Eagles Get the Win in Tiger Town

Ava Inesta ’22
EE Sports Reporter

Up in the valley of Ridgefield, Connecticut, the Eagles defeated the Tigers 28-14 on Friday, November 5th. With intentions of securing a spot in the playoffs, Trumbull knew that winning this game was crucial as the regular season approaches its end. However, this was supposed to be a night of celebration for the Tigers. It was the opening of their new Tiger Hollow Stadium, senior night, and the school’s homecoming game. Unfortunately for Ridgefield, Trumbull took all their hype away by getting the win.

In this game, Trumbull truly showed what kind of team they are through all their team efforts. In total, four touchdowns were scored by the Eagles. Trumbull was the first to strike in the first quarter with a touchdown scored by senior Corbin Smith. The other touchdowns were scored by senior captain Owen Solano and junior Nick Tuccinardi. 

A huge factor into the Eagles win was their defense. At times, the score was close which made Trumbull’s strong defense that much more significant. Throughout most of the game, Trumbull limited Ridgefield’s offense and did not allow them get too close to their endzone. At one point, Ridgefield got in range to kick a field goal, but missed, giving Trumbull possession of the ball. Trumbull’s defense was led by senior captains Jake Delfino, Cooper Dayton, and Jake Peterson. Towards the end, it was key that Trumbull stayed ahead and did not let Ridgefield get within a touchdown of them.

“We just went out there and played our hearts out. Our defense was playing as one and we wouldn’t let up no matter where the ball was placed,” Captain Cooper Dayton said about his team’s successes. “We played as a team and we were effective in the end which let our offense go to work. A true team effort and true team win.”

Trumbull captains unite for the coin toss

Strategically, Trumbull did all the right things to defeat Ridgefield, especially in the fourth quarter. Although the ride from Trumbull to Ridgefield is a hike, there were still a large number of fans which made the win that much more special for the Eagles. Despite the sea of orange on the opposite side of the field, the black and gold section, along with ‘The Screaming Eagle’ made a huge mark on everyone. It gave a ton of positive energy to the team and the fans.

The Eagles clearly are a team that fights until the end no matter the circumstances. This win improved Trumbull’s record to 6-2 and the Eagles plan to earn more wins in their final two games of the regular season. This week, the Eagles play at home against the Danbury Hatters for their senior night.

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