Trumbull Continues their Dominance in Win Against Danbury

Ava Inesta ’22
EE Sports Reporter

In the last game under the Friday night lights at McDougall Stadium this season, the Eagles defeated the Danbury Hatters 40 – 12 in addition to celebrating their 17 seniors.

The first quarter was slow for the Eagles but with four minutes to go, quarterback Hunter Agosti completed a 32-yard pass to junior Ben Carley for the game’s first touchdown. Trumbull started the 3rd quarter with a 55-yard rushing touchdown by senior Corbin Smith. Smith also scored two other touchdowns. On top of all this, junior Hunter Agosti had a 3-yard rushing touchdown as well as sophomore Jon Hall with a 8-yard rushing touchdown.

“I would say that our team is very explosive offensively, on defense we are extremely aggressive and hit very hard.” Senior Corbin Smith said about his team’s consistent accomplishments, “Our offensive line is playing very very well and our skill positions and quarterback just have great chemistry.” Smith also mentioned the team’s motto, “We gone ball regardless”.

Through the majority of the first quarter, Danbury had possession of the ball but Trumbull’s defense limited them from scoring until the end of the 3rd quarter. By that time, the Eagles had already scored 40 points. 

Captain Jake Peterson had a lot to say about Trumbull’s continued success with defense. “A big thing that’s been improving our defensive game is that everyone has been doing their jobs. Having some of the biggest and best linebackers in the FCIAC with Jordan Black and Amr Othman, it truly has brought our defense to a new level.”

“With losing two key players, Justin Delaney and Xavier “Xay Xay” Richardson, many players like Owen Solano, Corbin Smith, Jack Durland, and Justin McGee have stepped up and have been locking up our passing game. As well as Dylan Moran, Cooper Dayton, Lucas Clywick, and Will Zaslow have done an amazing job feeding tackles to the LBS and applying pressure to the QB.” 

Peterson gave credit to everyone on the team, including the stellar coaching that has allowed Trumbull to be a contending team in the state playoffs this year. 

The Eagles have improved their record to 7-2 with this win and only have one game remaining in the regular season. This last game is crucial when it comes to the Eagles securing a spot in the state playoff bracket. But, it will be a huge challenge for Trumbull since they are facing their cross town rivals, the No. 2 St. Joseph Hogs. In the last few years, the Eagles haven’t had a lot of success when it came to the Thanksgiving Day game against St. Joes, but this year there’s a good chance that the tide can turn and Trumbull can earn the win.

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